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Curly Hair Diary - Entry #2

Hey Curlies, hope your past couple of weeks have been defined and voluminous!!

The past 2 weeks for me have been much better for my hair. I have been consistently washing, deep conditioning and styling and feel much more accomplished. Oddly doing my hair has made me feel better about myself and in general I feel more on top of my life after feeling in quite a slump last time I journaled.

I have had a few events to attend which has helped with my haircare as it made me a little more accountable. It also highlighted how stressful it can be to plan my hair around my life. I mean the past year has been a pandemic, with little to no social events, hence no pressure for when my hair is done.

In contrast the past 3 weeks has seen me literally organise my hair routine around my social plans and it has been a little overwhelming. Generally, I wash my hair at the same time each week. Normally on Sundays when my husband is home, and I do not have to worry about childcare (With a 3-year-old, washing my hair isn’t always top of the priority list).

However, these past weeks I ended up giving my son extra iPad time while I showered and styled my hair prior to going out. In those moments I definitely felt a tinge of mum guilt however, I quickly told myself this isn’t a regular occurrence, he is perfectly happy and I sometimes need some time to focus and on and pamper myself.

Anyway, regardless of the schedule and why, the past couple of weeks have seen my hair go from dry and brittle to soft and moisturised simply by ensure I am adding water every few days and deep conditioning again.

In this time, I have also had a couple of successful wash and go’s using my trusty leave in and gel combos, however none of them latest very long even when in the past they have given my 4 days of wearable curls.

This proved to me that the main key to maintaining wash and go’s is less about what products were used but how I handle and sleep with my hair in the following days after my wash. Which has inspired me to write a detailed post about how I maintain my wash and go’s and manage to keep my curls looking fresh for up to 5 days. Watch this space.

My goals for the next few weeks, as I have less social plans, is to keep my hair in more protective styles and continue to focus on hair health, condition and growth.

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