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How do I tame my Frizzy Curls?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

5 Ways to Reduce Frizz

Tame Frizzy Hair
Reducing Frizzy Curls

Frizzy hair is caused by a lack of moisture. When curly hair lacks moisture it will reach out into the atmosphere to find it, which ultimately results in frizzy curls.

To prevent frizzy curls you need to ensure you use the correct styling products and methods and ensure the hair is suitably moisturised.

Dry hair is Frizzy Hair.

Frizz continues to be a constant struggle for me along with many of my curly haired friends. Over time I have learnt to embrace frizzy curly hair from time to time, as it gives me volume from the root, however the frizzy ‘halo’ that never disappeared was the bane of my life for a long time.

I used a plethora of curly hair products that were recommended to improve frizz, and nearly got to the point that I was ready to give up and accept that frizz was just my curl type. This is never the case.

Since this time I have learnt of a few techniques, accessories and products that have massively helped me and hopefully will be beneficial to you if you also struggle with frizzy hair.

Below are some of the BEST ways to help eliminate frizz:

1. Use a microfiber towel

Standard towels are too harsh on the cuticles of the hair strands and inevitably creates frizz whilst drying.

Microfiber towels not only reduce frizz but speed up drying time. Microfiber is a super-absorbent fabric that soaks up excess water. Microfiber does not disturb the cuticle - instead, it smooths it down, reducing frizz.

Purchase a Microfibre towel here.

2. Ensure hair stays wet while styling

Some people, especially those with high porosity hair will notice that their hair dries quickly after washing. If this happens when you will notice the hair frizzing before you have had a chance to finish styling.

It is important to add products to wet hair so I would recommend re-wetting the hair using a spray bottle if the hair begins to dry, or apply your leave-in whilst still in the shower.

3. Define your curls

After applying moisturising products it is important to take the time to define your curls using a curl defining cream or gel. When applying your hair products you must ensure they are evenly distributed so working in sections is helpful.

I like raking it through with my fingers and then smooth over with my hands using the ‘prayer hands’ method.

I personally like to use a denman brush or wet brush to help define my curls once all product is applied. However the best techniques for reducing frizz is finger coiling, but this can be very time consuming.

4. Do not touch your hair when drying

Once your product is applied and you are ready to dry your hair – DO NOT TOUCH IT! If you are air drying or diffusing simply try your best not to ‘maniputlate’ your hair in any way with your hands.

When you play around with your hair you can create the hair to frizz, especially before it is full dry.

This is also something to note when diffusing. A lot of curlies create frizz by not diffusing their hair properly. When diffusing it is best to hover the diffuser over the curls and roots for until it is mostly dry and the hair has started to harden. Then you can proceed to ‘srunch’ up to fully dry and create volume.

5. Use stain accessories when sleeping

My biggest issue for frizz control is sleeping! It is still something I have issues with to date, but I do know that this has massively been improved by investing in satin accessories.

I always sleep with a satin pillowcase and I also use a satin bonnet when I am trying to maintain my freshly washed curls.

Satin pillowcases will allow your hair to gently glide over the top of it reducing friction, tangles, and frizz and keeping your hairstyle intact. The satin or silk pillowcase also helps prevent split ends from breaking.

Head over to the accessories page to see links to some of the products I would recommend when starting out.

Tips to Reduce Frizzy hair
How do I reduce Frizzy Curls

If you are struggling with frizzy hair the above tips are a great starting point to help and should make a huge difference to the issues you are experiencing.

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