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UMBERTO GIANNINI Deep Conditioner Product Review

Since going natural at the end of 2019, I have spent A LOT of money on products. I mean a lot'. I haven’t calculated the exact amount, and have not intention to, as, in this instance, ignorance is bliss.

So, I have gotten pretty good and figuring out what works best for me, what products are superior and how well a product performs, hence I have decided to post my first product I now see myself as somewhat of an expert on the subject!! *cough cough*

I recently purchased a bunch of the Umberto Giannini range at Boots in the UK, including 2 of their treatment masks. The Curl Jelly Mask and Curl Magic Treatment Mask.

I have used a few of their other styling products before with good results, so I did have high expectations. They smell great but the big question is do they work.

First Impression

I had seen these products all over the gram and they have been gracing the shelves of Boots for a little while, which is always a good sign. Their packaging is gorgeous and so far I haven’t seen or heard any bad reviews.

Another major selling point is the price. Most praised deep conditioners on the market can set up back over £20, however each item is under £10 and you could easily buy all the products you need for a full wash day regime for under £30.

Overall, I went into this very optimistic.

Curl Jelly Mask

The Curl Jelly Mask is marketed as a de-frizz treatment, to be used once a week as an intense de-frizz treatment.

It is silicone free and is infused with organic coconut oil and shea butter. Ingredients wise it has nothing that is flagged up as an issue and is stamped as cruelty free and vegan. So can definitely be added to the curly girl friendly list.

This conditioner is really lightweight and soft and has an extremely pleasant smell. It was very easy to apply with amazing slip and lubrication, making detangling a breeze. Due to it being so lightweight I thought I might need more than I did, so I would start with a little and add if you feel you need. I worked the product through with my detangling brush and my hands and found a lot of product came off in my brush and hands as I had clearly used too much.

The instructions advise to apply to damp hair after cleansing and to leave on for one to two minutes. This initially made me skeptical. I am used to leaving my conditioners on for 30 minutes or more, and applying with heat but decided to follow the instructions to see.

I was very pleasantly surprised. I think the product was on my hair for a maximum of 5 minutes after working through and detangling then washing my face in between and after rinsing my hair was CRAZY soft and frizz free!! I was shocked and impressed. My hair was fully rinsed and did not show any signs of residual product or build up but it was easily the softess my hair has felt without product in for a long time.

Curl Magic Repair and Grow Treatment mask

The Curl Magic Repair and Grow Treatment mask is marketed for damage recovery and part of their range that is designed to transform dry damaged curls to a soft, silky texture and shine.

This conditioner, although still cruelty free and vegan is not silicone free. It is infused with coconut oil, seaweed, wheat ban and caffeine and smells amazing but it does have the silicone Dimethicone listed as the 4th ingredient. This therefore means, if you are following the CGM and trying to avoid silicones, this product is not for you.

This conditioner is slightly thicker in texture than the Jelly mask, and smells equally as glorious, almost perfumy. As this product does include Dimethicone I was expecting it to have great slip and I was not wrong. Again, super easy to apply and the detangling process was a breeze.

The instructions on this mask, did not specify a time to leave the product on. I simply says to comb through and rinse. With that in mind, I decided to leave on for around 5 minutes after I had detangled and confidently say that was enough. Like the curly jelly mask, my hair felt very soft after rinsing. This one felt a little more like there was still a slight coating on my hair, which is common with silicone-based products, but that also contributed to how shiny and soft it felt…so not complaints.


Without hesitation I would recommend both products. Very impressed with my results and especially impressed with how good the results were after only 5 minutes. I am sometimes put off from deep conditioning due to the time it takes but knowing I can do this for 5 minutes in the shower is a MASSIVE selling point.

I would say my favourite was the Curl Jelly Mask, simply as it is also silicone free, which I prefer and the results on my hair were the most impressive. My hair is also the healthiest it has ever been right now I would not really need to go for a repair and grow mask that is designed for damaged hair. However, if you are recovering from damage then I would suggest giving the Curl Magic a try.

Curl Jelly Mask: 10/10

Curly Magic Mask: 9/10

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