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What is a Pre-poo?

And why it should be incorporated into your curly hair regime.

What is a Pre-Poo?

If you have recently delved into the world of natural curlies you will have heard the phrase ‘Pre-Poo’ thrown around quite a bit.

Pre-poo simply means Pre-Shampoo and refers the process of applying products to your scalp and hair prior to washing. It works by adding a much-needed layer of protective moisture to the hair before shampooing.

This is beneficial because it keeps your shampoo from stripping all the natural oils from your hair, adding moisture to the hair follicle. If you have waves or a looser curl pattern, or your hair tends to lean towards being slightly over-moisturised, then it’s best to avoid pre-pooing.

Most seasoned naturals will incorporate a pre-poo into their weekly schedule as there a multiple benefits for your hair journey:

  • Prepoo treatment is sure to give us added, extra moisture when applied

Curls and waves are always in need of moisture - and a prepoo treatment is sure to give us added, extra moisture when applied.

  • Promotes softer, vibrant hair

Making prepoo a part of your regular routine will show great improvements to your hair’s texture and sheen.

  • Makes it easier to detangle hair

Applying the prepoo treatment and allowing it to sit on your hair for 15-30 mins, will help detangle locks and lessen breakage.

  • Boosts the effectiveness of conditioner, resulting in stronger locks and less breakage

A prepoo treatment will prevent your locks from being ‘stripped’ during the shampoo process and therefore allow your conditioner to find a place to ‘hang on to’ and treat your curls to more moisture.

So how do you do a pre-poo?

Generally there are two main pre-poo treatment type, oils and conditioners. I personally like to use a oil routine the night before my wash day.

Oil Treatment:

A lot of naturals choose to pre-poo their hair with oils, such as coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil.

As mentioned shampoos tend to remove way too much sebum, your hair’s natural moisturizer. That’s why you need to apply conditioner afterwards to make your tresses soft again. By adding some extra oil before you shampoo, your hair will be left with enough of it to keep it naturally soft and moisturized.

Pre-Poo oils you can use include:

  • Castor Oil – Castor oil is an emollient. It works by creating a protective film on your locks and therefore is ideal for prevent shampoo from stripping the hair completely. JBCO has been used in hair for centuries because it’s so moisturizing and soothing both for the hair and scalp.

  • Coconut Oil - Using it in a liquid form makes it easier to apply as a pre-poo, and the small amount of protein in it makes it ideal for women who need a mild boost without overdoing it. Coconut oil is a penetrating oil, which means it will pentrate the hair cuticles and helps repair everyday damage, improve texture, and restore health and shine to your hair.

  • Jojoba Oil – Due to its nutrient-rich structure, jojoba will help to moisturize and condition hair by penetrating its outer cuticle. By applying the oil before shampooing, you create a seal that prevents ingredients like sulfates from stripping your hair of its natural oils.

  • Argan oil - A key moisturizer that makes the hair soft and shiny. This oil is your best bet if you are looking to tackle frizziness especially in humid conditions.

Deep Conditioner:

Most people will tend to deep condition their hair AFTER cleansing, however there are some that like to do it as a pre shampoo. When conditioning the hair prior to cleansing and handling results in softer, more pliable hair that is easier to detangle and is less likely to encounter breakage.

Do you pre shampoo? If you do what do you prefer to use?

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